thrifter: the creative conquistadors of secondhand treasure, scouring swap meets, and garage sales alike for the cheapest and most interesting finds.

Thrifty Thrills is devoted to the crafty thrifter in search of fun, with a splash of frugality. Focused in San Luis Obispo, this town has plenty of hidden “treasure” to unearth.  The plan is to make the hunt a little easier, by featuring stories of some of the best “thrifters”, as well as some free local hotspots that may not be on the map yet.

Kelley, the economical editor of this blog, is a Cal Poly student with the infamous phrase “I could totally make that myself.” Through her college career, thrifting has transformed from necessity to hobby, and this blog was born to catalog the journey.

Feel free to email ideas to kplaster@calpoly.edu


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  1. Learning The 5-shot Sequence | The Bucket List Project - May 23, 2012

    […] Check out this video I made during JOUR 285 Lab. We learned how to shoot a 5-shot sequence. The voiceover is by me, and the lovely lady featured is my classmate Kelley Plasterer. […]

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