New Car Wash Offering Free Services

23 May

Quiky Car Wash, a new business off of Broad Street, is offering basic free car washes until June 7, as a way to celebrate their Grand Opening on Monday.

No tricks or coupons behind it. All a person has to do is show up.

Toby Dart, the general manager, said “We want to show the community the quality customer service they have to offer.”

It looks pretty simple from the street: a general brush car wash, as the driver sits back and enjoys the show. All it takes is three minutes. But, there are a couple more perks than usual. There are free self-service vacuums, a staff that is happy to help with any questions or help.

Toby Dart says what separates them from other car washes is speed. “It is fast but just as good, hence the name.”

Joshua Moore, an employee at Quiky, says the place has already seen quite a few cars.  “It has been crazy all day,” he said. “I wonder how so many people heard about it.”

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Almost all customers had heard from word of mouth. Conor Church, a History student at Cal Poly, was impressed with the service. “I would probably go again, even when it is not free. The sponges are cleaner, and they did a good enough job.

Church did not recommend the extra services. He bought the extra four dollar tire clean, and was sorely disappointed. “They were definitely in a hurry.”

From polling a couple more people, the general consensus was it was decent service, but the real deal is the fact that it is free. Travis Cart, another Cal Poly student, “I just went because it is free. I’m always looking for good deals, especially as a college student.”

Quiky is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, go to their Facebook page.


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