Quarters-end Reflections

20 May

As the quarter is wrapping up, it is always a good habit to reflect on what was learned. This class taught me quite a bit about adapting writing for online. Blogging makes for much more interactive articles with hyperlinks, photos, and multimedia.

I learned a lot about different writing styles. I tried many different formats when creating a story, and definitely have a better grasp on which stories do well as video, interactive maps, or straight stories.

I also got a much better grasp on twitter through updates on stories, little things I learned about, and the live tweeting exercise. I am usually not an avid supporter of twitter, but I now understand its value. It is good to send out quick updates or little tidbits that might not be worth a story, but are good for the overall blog’s niche.

What I want to work on for the future is narrowing down on my topic. I started this blog as an adventure for myself, looking for inexpensive and fun activities. I started with thrifting because I think it is such an interesting culture. I believe with more practice and a little more time I could do a lot more with this topic. The free events appealed to me more for functional stories that fit into the class guidelines.

Through Chris’ story, I learned how financially helpful thrifting can be, if you have the time and the patience for resale. When I asked some of my friends to read this blog, they said it would be great to see more stories like this one. It is interesting to read, or rather listen to, and it appeals to both beginning and more experienced thrifters.


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