Even More Thrift Store Perks

7 May

Thrift stores are starting to amp up their game, due to an great increase in popularity over the last few years. According to a story done by the New York Times, in the poor economy, thrift and secondhand stores are some of the few businesses actually growing. In 2011 there was a five percent increase in revenue nationwide. Goodwill, and other larger thrift store chains have changed their marketing strategies are changing in accordance with this new trend.

Thrift stores are now giving deals and incentives to purchase credit ahead of the game. For some that do the shopping by the bag, customers can pay an extra $5 to have early entrance. There are all different kinds of ways to save extra on the already inexpensive secondhand wear.

Some deals in nationwide stores:

  • B-Thrifty: $25 extra dollars with the purchase of a $100 card
  • Value Village: Super Savers Club with stamp rewards
  • Goodwill: Rewards Card (values change due to the different city or state)
  • Housing Works:Buy the Bag sale- about once a week, $25 to stuff whatever you would like, $5 early entrance fee

People are flocking to these stores for cheaper fashion. With a good eye, there is always something to be found in a bargain bin. Nicole Merit, a frequenter of thrift stores since the age of 14, went to a Buy the Bag sale and managed to stuff “30 items into her shopping bag, including an Armani handbag, a Calypso St. Barth dress and several pieces of knitwear from J. Crew.”

The quality of the service is also changing, as the floors are cleaned up for a less bargain bin feel. Lauretta Cunningham, the senior vice president  of Goodwill’s New York and New Jersey retail operations, remarked,

“We’re not Nordstrom, but we have people who feel our service is like theirs.”

To see more from the referenced story, click here.


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