Self Evaluation

30 Apr

Nearing the halfway mark for blogging assignments, it is time to do a little self reflection. So far I have been scoping out stories that remain free and fun, which was the intention of this blog. I got some great feedback on the layout and all the multimedia, so I will keep that in mind when constructing my next story.

I am working on creating a more cohesive theme to the blog itself, or at least organizing it into categories once there is more substance. It is a little all over the map, and I want to make sure it remains an easy blog to go to when looking for the inexpensive San Luis Obispo experience you cannot find via search engine. I have not been doing as much thrifting and hunting as I would like, but the six to  seven a.m. wake ups are a little hard on a college schedule. I have some stories in the works that have to do with some tricks for good finds, although the real trick is a little luck and perseverance.

Here is a thrifty blog, make do and mend, I really like for the themes that tie together her posts, like Film Fridays and Sketchbook Sundays. They add an aesthetic and a couple ideas that make a more complete blog, and provide easy stories to fill in between larger posts. I am working on filling up my site with more than just the assignments, like quick recipes and crafts to make it look more complete.

A list of improvements to make:

  •  Add more pictures and interactive slideshows
  • Create some interesting filler stories
  • Work on promotion and gaining an audience

I would love to hear more reader feedback on SLO activities. I will be sure to add them to my compendium! Comment below, or feel free to send me a message.


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