All About RSS

16 Apr

What is RSS? It’s simple, really.

RSS icon

RSS is a way of tracking your favorite blogs and Internet happenings all from one source. This eliminates the need for bookmarks and constant update checks. It is a much easier way to keep track instead of sending it your email inbox, which if it is anything like mine, is clouded in subscriptions, spam, school, work, and whatever else I have signed up for.

Here are the easy steps:

1. First of all, you should have your own RSS reader. The easiest for me is Google Reader, because I can check it with my email and it does all the homework for me. It finds the blog and puts it into a format that is very easy to read. This article, “Choosing an RSS reader,” gives a more detailed account of each reader, such as which browsers it is best with and the interface designs.

2. Set up one for your blog. Wordpress makes it very easy: this theme already has it incorporated into the header, but there is also a widget. By copying the code, you can add it to your RSS feeder.

3. Follow Thrifty Thrills! For all kinds of free adventures and thrifting tips, just copy the url into the reader of your choice, and you are on your way to easy internet browsing. Just click either the link in the top right, or the bottom of the page.

For even more info check out this blog dedicated to everything RSS.


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