Rummaging Through Tutorials

9 Apr

Hello Readers!

This last week consisted of scouring the Internet for all kinds of fresh and exciting ways to make the blog really shine. Color and excitement are important, especially when it has to do with crafty, adventuresome blogs. Eventually, it will be filled with pictures and artsy happenings from all around SLO.

A lot of research went into tags and categories and the differences between the two. The most important tips to remember are less is more, and be very specific. It will make your posts easier to find and attract interested readers. Here is a blog that explains it a bit more in detail.

Widgets were a lot of fun as well. The twitter site was added to the side, and a featured blog post to separate school assignments from the actual blog. There is also a little Meebo chat bar in case anyone wants to ask questions or give anonymous comments straight to the writer. (*Hint hint* I would love to hear from you!)

This is a Youtube video that went into some small details about what WordPress can do to make it a little easier to post blogs. As an example, this video did not need an embed code because wordpress automatically will do it, which you can set up in the media settings tab.

Also, if you want a simple way to find related topics and pictures, use Zemanta! It is such a great way to get started with blogging. It shows up when you are posting and recommends copyright free pictures and articles. Here are a couple articles found thanks to this helpful widget:


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